Education Scholarship Scheme
for Army Personnel (ESSA)

An Education Scholarship Scheme to promote education was introduced in 1978 and covers Serving Army Personnel wards below 25 years of age studying in recognized school/institutions across the country vide AO 16/2016/AG (under revision). ESSA scholarship, a motivating factor for wards of Serving Army Personnel is increasingly being disbursed every year at all the three segments ie School, Graduation and Post Graduation level.


Education Scholarship Scheme for Army Personnel (ESSA)

Before you Apply


Wards of serving Army personnel including Defence Security Corps (DSC) and MNS

Method of Selection and Award of Scholarship

All subjects taken by the student in the class will be considered for calculation

Award of Scholarship

The scholarship, based on the level of education for all categories are as under

Merit Certificate

Merit certificate will be given to all eligible received applications.


The applications should pertain to the declared results of the immediate

Times of India Merit Scholarship/ Gem & Jewellery Scholarship

R&W Section, CW Dte (DIAV) dealing with M/s Times of India scholarship allots

Mode of Payment

Amount of scholarship will be tfr to the applicants based on bank details


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Apply for ESSA Offline

No offline application will be entertained. Apply online through link/site